Living in Davie, we are very vulnerable to intense storms; sometimes even hurricanes. Because of this, it is very likely for our homes to get damaged by floods. When this unfortunate situation occurs, it can be a toll emotionally. You now have to worry and stress about what steps to take next. Plus, your wallet will feel the pain as well. Here at Restoration Doctor, we are here to make this tedious process a little easier for you. We are experts in emergency management and water damage repair. You can trust us to get the job done quickly and efficiently, that way you can go back to your normal routine.


First Things First – Avoid Further Damage

The damage is done. There are a few inches of water across the ground level of your home. This means it is time to make sure that damage does not get worse and also to ensure your safety. First and foremost, you must cut the power to your home. This is essential before you think of entering the home to gather personal belongings or pictures. Flood water can be hazardous because of the following reasons:

  • They carry an electrical current that can potentially shock you or spark a fire.
  • It introduces bacteria and microbes into the house.
  • Make it difficult to maneuver and see safely.
  • The structure of your home is weakened.

Once you locate the circuit panel, be sure to shut off all power circuits. Do this even if the power to the house is off. After this, make a visual inspection of the exterior of your property. Keep an eye out for potential danger, like a collapsed roof. If you are worried that your home may not be safe to enter, do not do so. Trust your gut.


Emergency Management Pointers

When it comes to repairing minor water damage it cost about $2,500. If you have the proper insurance, it may be completely covered. Few homeowners anticipate this level of trouble, so it is wise to keep your papers organized and easy to find. Collect the following documents to make this process run smoothly.

  • Proof of ownership
  • Personal identification
  • Documentation of flood insurance
  • Homeowners’ policy records

Keep in mind that your insurance may not pay for a full replacement of all destroyed possessions or equipment. Most policies make a distinction between fair market value and replacement value. Ask your insurer about the details of your coverage before you start shopping.


Time For Water Damage Repair

For the best results and to ensure the job gets done correctly, you must hire a flood repair company. Companies, such as Restoration Doctor, will ensure your home is safe to live in as soon as possible. We will handle all the hard work and mess, while you enjoy time with your family. There is no need to be more stressed than you already are. We got you covered.


Contact Us Today

Water cleanup is an important step when it comes to restoring your home. You need emergency management. Here at Restoration Doctor, we want you as our client, to understand precisely how the process works. Located in Miami, we are professionals who are certified to get the job done right and efficiently. Call us today for more information. We offer the best water damage repair, Davie.

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