Mold is all around us, and when the conditions are right, it can grow and develop into a nasty infestation. This is problematic because it can negatively impact the health of everyone living in the space, and when it develops in your air conditioning, it can be difficult to notice until you have a full blown outbreak. At Restoration Doctor, we have experience handling mold damage and providing homeowners with a Pembroke Pines mold specialistPEMBROKE PINES to remediate their homes. One thing to keep in mind when you have mold in your home is that you can work to prevent it from growing further. Here’s what you need to know.


Preventing Mold Growth at your home in Pembroke Pines, Florida

Mold likes a handful of things: humidity, moisture, and something to ‘eat,’ like wood. The best way to prevent mold from growing in your home is by limiting these things.

  • Keep humidity levels low
    • As mentioned, mold loves humidity, so by controlling the humidity in your home, or running a dehumidifier, you make it much more difficult for the mold to grow.
  • Open windows when bathing or cooking
    • Hot showers and boiling water can create lots of steam. That steam can get trapped in your bathroom and even kitchen if it lacks effective ventilation. This creates opportunities for mold to develop, and by opening doors and windows, you let that steam escape.
  • Use exhaust fans and vents
    • If you have these in your bathroom and kitchen, use them. They’re great for creating better ventilation and stopping mold from growing.
  • Clean your gutters
    • If water gets trapped in your gutters because they’re clocked, mold can develop and spread through your roof. Make sure to clean these out regularly so that water properly drains from your home.
  • Get regular AC maintenance
    • Air conditioners are delicate machines, and the best way to ensure they’re running properly is with biannual maintenance. This will help to keep your machines clean, so that mold can’t feed on the dust and debris that can get stuck in them, and ensure that no mold is developing in them in the first place.


Why Trust a Restoration Service for Air Conditioning Mold Removal?

When it comes to air conditioning mold and property damage, the common solution is to replace what’s been lost, but damage doesn’t always mean loss. There’s a good chance that the damage you’re looking at might be repairable. If so, you can save money, especially if the damage isn’t covered by your insurance. If it is covered, then you can lower cost of restoration over replacement can keep your premiums low.


A contractor is trained in replacing what’s been lost. What they’re not trained in is identifying what can be saved with the right equipment. A restoration company is trained in that regard, however, and we can also go through all the damage you’re faced with and tell you exactly what can be saved and what cannot, all for no additional cost. Because of this, there’s nothing to lose by relying on a restoration company to handle your mold damage repair needs.


Do You Need a Pembroke Pines Mold Specialist? Contact Us

Are you dealing with air conditioning mold in the Pembroke Pines area? If so, Restoration Doctor can help provide you with a Pembroke Pines mold specialist that can identify what can be restored and what cannot. This benefit comes at no added cost to you, so you’ll know where you stand after we’re done. When looking for mold damage repairs in Pembroke Pines, FL, you can trust us to handle your home with care. Contact us today at +1 (833) 843-5737 for more information on our services.