Here in Fort Lauderdale, water damage is something many homeowners expect to face at some point or another, especially when you think about the risk of potential hurricanes. One thing you probably wouldn’t expect to expose your home to water damage Fort Lauderdale homeowners are preparing for is a sprinkler. At Restoration Doctor in the Broward area, we’ve provided water damage cleaning for homes that sustained water damage because of sprinklers before, and we want to use this experience to give you the tips on how to deal with that. After all, sprinklers can make our lives much easier when it comes to lawn care, so removing them completely isn’t an appealing option.


Avoid Water Damage Cleaning From Sprinklers with These Tips

Sprinklers are designed to keep our lawns and gardens hydrated, not damage our homes. The problem is it’s possible for this outcome to be the case when the sprinklers aren’t working the way they should. For example, because sprinklers are typically linked to your home’s water line, there’s the added risk of a pipe bursting in the sprinkler pipe system. That said, there are some tips to keep in mind to minimize the risk of sustaining water damage from your sprinklers.

  • Don’t DIY Install Them
    • It may be an appealing project to DIY your own sprinkler system, but unless you’re trained in these kinds of projects, it’s a better idea to hire a professional. They’ll know how to install your sprinklers properly. There are a number of things that an inexperienced DIYer might do that could cause problems, such as installing the pipe system too close to their home’s foundation.
  • Watch for Overspray
    • Malfunctioning sprinkler heads could be causing overspray, potentially drowning the areas around the foundation of your home and causing water damage. Keep an eye on your sprinklers and make sure that they’re functioning properly as to avoid this risk. If it goes ignored for too long, you could have a problem on your hands.
  • Add Rain Sensors
    • No need to have your sprinklers go off in the middle of the rain. In fact, if they do, you could end up over watering the soil around your home, which could cause the added water to damage your foundation. Rain sensors are a straightforward way to avoid this potential outcome.


Why Trust a Restoration Service for Water Damage Fort Lauderdale Homes Suffer From?

When it comes to severe mold damage, the common solution is to replace what’s been lost, but damage doesn’t always mean loss. There’s a possibility that the damage you’re looking at might be restorable with a mold restoration service. You can save money, especially if the damage isn’t covered by your insurance, with such a service. Even with insurance, the lower cost of restoration over replacement can keep your premiums low.


Contractors are trained in replacing what’s lost. This means they’re not trained in identifying what can be realistically restored with the right equipment. Restoration companies are trained in that way, however, and we can also go through all the damage you’re faced with and tell you what can be restored and what cannot. This can be done for no extra cost, so there’s nothing to lose by relying on a restoration company to handle your water damage repair needs.


Contact us for Water Damage Cleaning in Broward

Are you faced with water damage Fort Lauderdale houses have endured? If so, Restoration Doctor can help you with water damage cleaning services. For no added charge, we can also provide an analysis of what can be restored and what will require replacement. When you’re looking for water damage repairs in the Broward area you can trust us to handle your home with care. Contact us today for more information on our services.