Water damage is an insidious force in your home that can end up requiring quite a lot of money and work to fix. Water damage and saturation, particularly following a flood, can vary greatly from home to home, and requires careful analysis and fixing. On the light end of the scale, there is minor damage with a little water seeping through basement windows or floor drains overflowing slightly. On the more serious end, there is some severe damage that can cause major issues with your home and property. Either way, proper water removal and water damage restoration will be required in order to maintain the integrity of your house and to prevent further damage and festering. Restoration Doctor in Miami is a premium damage restoration company who combines quality work with stellar customer service to help save your home from the clutches of various types of damage attacking it. Call us today for a quote or consultation!


What Water Damage Can Do To Your Home


Water can cause many times of damage in your home, particularly following a large-scale natural disaster such as a flood. This is why calling for water damage restoration as soon as possible after the damage has occurred or has been discovered is so crucial. After all, Florida is a very humid state with frequent rain, storms, and possible flooding. One issue that water can cause for your home is rampant mold growth. While mold has its place in nature to break down organic materials, it happens to be the last thing you want in your home. Following flooding, mold will start growing on water-logged items such as clothing, carpet, and drywall, in just 24 to 48 hours. In extreme cases, rampant mold growth that hasn’t been addressed can cause the structure to be condemned. Another type of damage is black water contamination. There are several types of water that can flood your home, and category three happens to be black water from highly unsanitary sources that could carry human or animal waste. Examples include any floodwater from lakes and rivers, as they hold germs that can cause severe illness upon ingestion. While you can recover a home with black water contamination, it’s like you’ll lose all your furnishings and may need to replace much of your house.


Why Prompt Water Removal Is Essential


When cleaning up after flooding, you always need to turn off electrical and gas services so you don’t get shocked or contract a gas leak that can become an explosion. Wiring and/or gas lines that are damaged in the flood need to be rewired and replaced, meaning you could lack utilities for an extended period. Even a few inches of water covering the floow can damage your appliances and necessitate replacement, and the cost can be highl. In cases of severe water damage, moving might be the best option, as remediation and repair costs can easily be higher than moving costs.


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Water damage can be devastating financially as well as emotionally. Prompt water removal is necessary in order to save your home. If you are looking for water damage restoration in the Miami area, call Restoration Doctor today.