The first thing people think of when they notice a smelly carpet in their home is to get their carpets cleaned, but sometimes this isn’t the right solution. There are times when a smelly carpet is a bigger problem that requires more than just carpet cleaning. A rug that has a foul odor may be a sign of water damage underneath that may require a water restoration service. If you’re in the Miami area and are looking for water damage cleaning Restoration Doctor is the company you should call. They can come into your home to evaluate and examine your carpet to see if the smell is a result of water damage and where the source of the water is coming from.

Water Restoration For A Smelly Carpet

There are some places in your home, like a basement, that may always be smelly musty and old. A homeowner’s first reaction is usually to hire a cleaning service to come in to clean the area and carpet to get rid of any foul odors, but what happens if this doesn’t do the trick? Carpet cleaning won’t do the job especially if the smell comes on suddenly; if this happens, it’s usually a sign of water damage. If this is the case, your problem will probably require deep water damage cleaning to get rid of the smell and take care of the situation entirely.

When you suffer water damage, it is imperative to treat it quickly so the damage can be contained. Even if you thought you took care of all the damage due to leaky pipes if the water reached your carpets and has seeped through even if you can’t see the damage occurring it is, right under your feet. This could also mean that there is mold growing under your carpets. Not taking care or treating this problem professionally could leave you in a tough situation that will end up costing you a lot of money.

How Does Mold Happen?

Under the right condition and in the right environment mold can grow in as little as twenty-four hours. Your home and especially wet carpets are one of the best food supplies for mold. After a day or so the mold will begin to expand and colonize and ultimately leading to the big black stains everyone has come to know and fear. Even when the mold isn’t exposed, it is still dangerous. If you have even the slightest thought that there is mold in your home you need to call an expert immediately to have it checked out and taken care of. Following a few steps after you experience water damage can help prevent mold from occurring. The first thing you need to do is cut off the water supply. You want to make sure that the water doesn’t continue flowing into your home causing more damage. The next thing you need to do is extract excess water and dry up all of your floors to prevent the water from seeping through and causing moisture underneath. Steam cleaning will be your best friend in this case. Having everything professionally cleaned right away will stop the damage from happening. The faster you get this done, the better you’ll be. Getting the flooring cleaned quickly will prevent the mold from having the time to grow and colonize.

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