Are you wondering if there is a water leak in your home? Maybe there’s a leak from a water pipe, but you are not entirely sure. It is important to get to the source that way you can be sure to repair it as soon as possible. If you avoid a possible leak, the costs can get very steep. Restoration Doctor is here to help. We are experts in water removal. There is a reason why we are known for being the best company when it comes to water damage restoration Miami FL.


Leaks Are Not Good

Sometimes we have random water leaks that pop up in our house near the faucets, sinks, showers, etc. It can get complicated when trying to find exactly where these leaks come from since there are a lot of pipes and places water flows through. Sometimes we find out we have a leak when we get a water bill, and it’s higher than usual. Either way, here are some tips to finding out if you have a water leak and where it might be coming from.


First, to determine that you have a water leak at all, you will need to go to your water meter which is somewhere in your front or backyard. Make sure that no one is using the water in the house as you start this process. Remove the cover of the meter, and check to see if either dial is moving. Most of the time, the more modern meters have a large dial that measures a larger quantity and a smaller dial that measures a small quantity. Check to see if either one of these is moving – the faster it’s moving, the more water that’s being used. If the meter dials are moving and no water is being used in the house, this is when we need to determine the location of the water leak.


Water Removal Steps to Find a Leak

Locate your main shutoff. This could either be in your basement, in the house itself or your crawlspace. Turn this off and then check the dials again to see if they’re moving. If the dial does not stop then, unfortunately, the leak is from the dial back to the meter. This means that the leak is most likely underground and will have to be dug up and repaired by a professional. If the dial does stop, then the leak will either be under the house or inside the house. This will begin a process of elimination.


First, check all the piping under the house to see if there is any visual leaking. Then, check any faucet in the house or outside of the house for visual leaking. Check all toilets to make sure the fill valve isn’t continuously running after the tank has finished filling. These are all the places where leaks would be occurring.


All of this may be confusing or complicated. If you are not able to find your leak on your own or become overwhelmed, contact Restoration Doctor, and our professions will help! We are licensed for water restoration Miami FL.


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