Water removal is never something to put off, and Restoration Doctor in Davie knows that you should be aware of the places in your home that are most prone to leaks so you can take care of it right away. If you are looking for someone knowledgeable in restoration and removal, stop searching “restoration companies near me,” and contact us today.


Kitchen Appliances


Think about your kitchen. There is water running in your kitchen constantly. This means that it is especially vulnerable to leaks. Dishwashers in particular are prone to threat because the water can back up and overflow through the door. The other thing that can go wrong is loose connections in the hose.


Aside from the dishwasher, the refrigerator can also be a source of a leak. This is because refrigerators have icemakers. Because you need water in order to create the ice, a hose runs from the refrigerator to the plumbing located in the wall or floor.


Underneath the House


Plumbing under the house can be intricate. Leaking can be fairly easy given how many channels there are. Of course, plumbers are experienced and certified in their field so the work that they do can last many years. However, even expert work has a deadline at which it loses its functionality. Looking for loose connections can help you identify a leak before it gets bad.




Sinks are frequently used in the home. This means that they are more prone to leaking than many other places in your home. While sinks are definitely built for extensive use, there are certain parts that will wear down as time passes. You will want to look out for the fixture of the sink as well as the drain and the bowl. These are the places where you will likely find leaks.




Of course, the shower is the place in the home that sees the most water. Typically, a household in the US will use up to forty gallons of water per day in the shower alone. The places you want to look at in the shower is the shower head, the drain, and the tub or tile surface.


Water Heater


Most water heaters have warranties that cover the life of the water heater when it is at its prime condition. That is, when your warranty runs out, it is likely time to look into replacing it or you may run into problems. There are several places to watch out for on your water heater to search for a leak. Of these, you should check the drain valve and the tank.


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