Water damage in your home is no laughing matter and may ultimately be responsible for several other issues that appear over time. It’s not just a hazard to the structure of your home, but also a hazard to your health as well. The experts at Restoration Doctor understand the dangers of water damage, the process of water removal, and how to offer water damage restoration services. Located in Davie, FL, we can help shed some light on how series water damage can be.


The Dangers of Water Damage for Your Health

There are a few different reasons why water damage can be a threat to the health of a home’s occupants. Luckily, you can discern a little bit about the risk you may be facing by examining the color of the water damage.

  • Clean Water Damage
    • This is the simplest form of water damage you can find. Clear and colorless, this kind of damage usually stems from water exposure in your home like a leaking faucet or dishwasher. There’s no immediate health risk for clean water damage, but it does create a risk for mold to develop. Mold can make any situation a lot worse and grow a much deeper issue, so it’s still a good idea to have this checked out.
  • Grey Water Damage
    • Grey water damager is often caused by some form of dirty water exposure somewhere in the house. This could be water coming from the toilet, or even dirty rainwater and snow if your home has a leak. Be sure to handle this form of damage with care, as it can lead to potential illness and disease. If you come into contact with it, using a disinfecting soap to help kill any harmful bacteria you might contract on your skin.
  • Black Water Damage
    • If the water damage you see is black, it contains the most harmful contaminants that should be avoided at all costs. While you should always seek treatment immediately to resolve water damage easily, this is the kind you should be the quickest to resolve.


Remember that one of the biggest causes for illness from water damage isn’t the contact itself, but rather the development of mold within the wood of your home. Mold can release airborne spores that cause sickness and disease. If you see mold developing anywhere that you have water damage, it’s a sign that you need to treat the situation as quickly as possible. Additionally, excess water damage can hard the structure of your home, and if left untreated for a long time, you could potentially face some dangerous situations.


Seek Water Removal Through Water Damage Restoration

If you’ve noticed water damage in your home, you should act immediately. Water damage only gets worse the more you procrastinate, and can lead to a number of hazards both to your home and to you. If you’re in the Miami area, reach out to the Restoration Doctor for water removal and water damage restoration services in Davie. We’ll help you remove that harmful damage safely while also battling any mold that’s developed and restoring your home to its former glory.