You need to make sure you don’t waste any time when it comes to water extraction. Every minute lost is crucial. You can count on Restoration Doctor. Our goals are to stop the water damage before it spreads and gets your home or business back to its original condition with our water extraction services.


The Six Steps

When it comes to the proper removal of water from a home, there are generally six steps restoration companies must take. They involve the following:

  • Shut Down the Source of Water
    • For proper water extraction, you must find the water source and shut it down. Next is an assessment of the entire situation, including all damages and safety issues like asbestos.
  • Protect Against Health Issues
    • Standing water from flooding or a burst pipe can cause health problems, and sometimes in severe cases, even death. That’s why it’s best to allow the experts to retrieve and salvage your possessions. It may be possible to restore damaged papers, books, and photographs if you get them soon enough.
  • Remove All Standing Water
    • Clean-up starts with proper water extraction services. This typically utilizes safety gear for all technicians and specialized equipment such as submersible pumps, truck-mounted vacuums, and other apparatus as necessary. Extracting the majority of standing water from an affected area will help stop water damage from spreading and mold from growing.
  • Dry Out the Area and All Materials
    • Once the water is removed, it’s time to dry your floors, walls, and other items completely. This is a crucial step in water extraction services, especially if you want to avoid warping, swelling, mold, and other ongoing issues that will undermine restoration efforts.
  • Cleaning
    • Once everything is dried out using proper water extraction methods, returning your home or business back to normal will take a lot of cleaning. We provide the necessary cleaning techniques, equipment, and tools needed to restore as many items as possible.
  • Remove Any Lingering Odors
    • Finally, a portable filtration system can be used to remove any offensive odors that may linger after water extraction services. We sanitize and disinfect using industrial-grade cleaning agents, as well as discard any damaged items with your approval and according to insurance guidelines.


Count On Us For Water Extraction

Restoration Doctor specializes in full-service disaster restoration, providing a one-stop shop for our clients. From the initial assessment of the damage to the full restoration of your property, we are the only call you will have to make. You have enough to worry about. Let us deal with the damage.


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