Does your home currently suffer from water damage? Do you know the proper steps to ensure that your house does not get on the bad end of it? Here at Restoration Doctor, our experts are here to teach you exactly how to deal with water damage. Our water damage restoration company is located in Miami.


You Can’t Control The Inevitable

As a homeowner, you hope to never deal with major damages to your house. Unfortunately, unforeseen damages are a part of homeownership. Being prepared in case of damage such as lightning or water leaks can help ease your stress when facing unexpected insurance claims or repair bills. Water leaks, in particular, can cause lasting, irreparable damage to your home if not dealt with in a timely manner.


According to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage has accounted for 2% of home insurance claims from 2012-2016. The second largest percentage of homeowners insurance claims in that time period, this percentage translates to about one in 50 covered homes making a claim for water damage. The average payout for these claims was over $9,600, making water damage one of the most common and most expensive costs to repair.


How Do You Know If You Have A Leak Leading To Water Damage

Water leaks and water damage are not always obvious emergencies. Sometimes pipes in the walls leak slowly but consistently at valves or joints. You may be able to hear dripping but not be able to determine the source of the sound. Luckily, there are several ways to determine if your plumbing or appliances are leaking.

If you suspect a fast-moving leak, turn off all of your water-using appliances and check your water meter.


Watch the meter for several minutes with all faucets turned off. If it continues to go up, you likely have a fairly fast leak. If there is no movement, don’t use water for a couple of hours, then go back and check again. Increases in the water meter after this time may mean you have a slow leak somewhere in your plumbing.


Monitor your water usage each month and look back through your records to check for increases in usage. Even if there are no sudden spikes in water usage, a slow but consistent rise in gallons used per month may indicate a leak somewhere in your home. You can also check your water bill for increases in price related to usage. A rising water bill with unchanged water use habits could mean a leak.


Remember that interior water damage can also be caused by exterior water fixtures. If you see that your meter is rising and so are your monthly water bills, don’t forget to check the outside spigots and faucets as well as interior plumbing. Leaking exterior features can cause damage to interior pipes by wearing them down quicker or leaking into space where the spigot meets your home.


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