Regardless of elevation, flood damage is able to found in any geographical area. From natural disasters to burst pipes or sewer lines, restoration professionals are often called upon to repair water damage and restore properties that have been flooded. There are stringent regulations in order to make sure that properties damaged by flood or sewer events are able to be safely restored to an effective space for building occupation and so that workers stay safe during the cleanup process. There are certain categories of water damage that have been determined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This government sector sets the standards regarding the water damage restoration process for both best practices in remediation and safety. There are a specific set of practical standards for water mitigation, flood damage repair, and sewage cleanup, and provides a foundation for the basic principles of proper restoration practices. There are different types of situations that can cause water damage, and different scenarios are able to cause different amounts of water damage. Read on to learn more about the categories of water damage that you can experience. Restoration Doctor is one of the top water damage cleanup companies in the Davie area. Contact Restoration Doctor today for your water damage repair needs!


Categories of Water Damage


Water damage can be a major problem in homes, and is a disastrous occurrence, whether it stems from a burst pipe or a blood in your area. It’s important for homeowners to be informed and be able to determine if one situation is more severe than another, which is why the IICRC has set up certain categories for the liquid involved in damage and the level of destruction caused by water damage so that homeowners can recognize the type of water damage in their homes and act accordingly to restore the damage.


  • Category 1 is when the water damage is liquid from a clean source such as tanks or a tap water line. This category will not cause illness, but can quickly degrade into category 2 if not addressed.


  • Category 2 talks about the liquid that contains significant contamination and is able to result in illness and discomfort if ingested. Dishwasher overflows, washing machine overflow, or toilet overflow with waste are examples.


  • Category 3 liquid is known as “black water,” and is grossly contaminated. Category 3 water sources may hold organic matter, regulated materials, heavy metals, or other toxic substances.


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There are also different classifications of water damage that water damage repair companies such as Restoration Doctor implement to determine the level of damage in your home.


  • Class 1 water damage is the least amount of water damage that can happen in a home. This type of water damage only touches on a small area and leave little to no soft material absorption


  • Class 2 water damage is the result of a large amount of water with fast evaporation that affects an entire room, carpeting, or cushioning. The wood grained materials in your home may be damaged by the water, but the height of the water stays below the 24 inch mark.


  • Class 3 water damage is a classification used when water has severely damaged the home, possibly due to an overhead pipe burst. This classification can severely affect the safety of the people living in the home, and if this scenario happens, you need to immediately inform your insurance company as leaving it unattended can create permanent damage


  • Class 4 water damage is when you will want to call professionals in right away, as there has been enough liquid and time to saturate materials with very low porosity such as hardwood, brick, plaster, concrete, and stone.


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Restoration Doctor is one of the top water damage cleanup companies in the Davie area. Contact Restoration Doctor today for your water damage repair needs!