Florida is no stranger to stormy weather, but the damage can sometimes be devastating. If your home has been affected by a hurricane or flood, or even if you’re handling a burst pipe, you might think everything’s become unsalvageable, but that’s not necessarily true. We at Restoration Doctor have experience helping to restore parts of peoples’ homes and their possessions after disasters such as these. This is why we want to share with you what we know about water damage carpet cleaning. When faced with a water-related disaster, what you need is water damage restoration Pembroke Pines FLPEMBROKE PINES homeowners can rely on.


Why Trust A Restoration Service?

Many homeowners might assume that their carpet is a lost cause after it’s been damaged by water, but this isn’t always the case. First and foremost, the fate of your carpet can largely depend on the severity of the water damage. Some might try to DIY their carpet restoration, and there is a benefit to getting started on your own. Carpet restoration requires as quick as a response as possible, so starting on some at-home solutions can help ready your carpet for the pros to arrive. The reason you’d still want the help of experts is because they’ll have the specialized tools designed to restore your carpet. Professionals can provide water damage restoration Miami FL homeowners can’t do without expensive equipment.


Water Damage Carpet Cleaning

The big question is ultimately whether or not your carpet can be saved after a disaster regardinging water damage. The truth to this answer is that it depends on quite a few factors. For example, the age and pad of the carpet can influence the potential for it to be restored. The type of floodwater that has affected your carpet and there are three major types depending on what’s in the water itself.

  • Clean Water
    • Water that is clear and clean will usually stem from pipes or rainwater. If allowed to sit on your carpet for longer than 1-to-2 days, the water can degrade and will grey. If addressed sooner than that, then it’s very easy to save your carpet.
  • Grey Water
    • This is water that has some amount of contaminants in it that can cause sickness if consumed. There is no solid matter contaminating the water yet, and it can come from places like a broken dishwasher or toilet. Like with clean water, the grey water will degrade into black water if allowed to sit for longer than a day or so.
  • Black Water
    • This is the most highly contaminated form of water, possibly including things like sewage, or water from hurricanes or floods. This contamination makes saving your carpet very difficult to achieve, and it will likely be replaced in this case.

All that said, every water damage scenario is different, and the best way to know for sure if you can save money by restoring your carpet is to talk with a professional.


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