Do you own a mattress that is damaged because of water? This could be because of a flood or leaky pipes. Regardless, you do not have enough funds to buy a brand new mattress. What do you do? Do you save the mattress or do you throw it out? At Restoration Doctor, we are experts when it comes to water damage and making sure your property is fully restored. Our water restoration Miami location is here for you.

How Do I Repair My Mattress?

As soon as you can, take immediate action to try and save your water damaged mattress. The longer you wait, the greater the chances of having to throw away the mattress are. The first thing you need to do is to see how wet the mattress is.

If it is completely soaked or was involved in a flood, you may not have any option but to throw it away. In some cases, you can call a professional water restoration Miami company that may be able to save your mattress. That is where we come in.

If the water damaged mattress was not completely underwater, you may be able to clean and fix it yourself. We’ll walk you through the steps. Whether you hire a company to dry the mattress or do it yourself, you should treat the mattress within 24 hours to prevent mold.

Should You Fix or Replace?

Before you spend hours trying to fix your water damaged mattress or hire a company to dry the mattress, you need to consider if it’s worth fixing or should be discarded.

You should look at three main factors:

  • The mattress price and age: If you have a cheaper or older mattress, you’d be better off using the money to restore the mattress to get a new one.
  • The material of the mattress: A foam, cotton, or rubber mattress is generally one you should throw away because mold can grow inside the mattress where it can’t be cleaned. If the mattress has spings, you have a better chance of making it safe because it allows for adequate air flow.
  • The extent of the damage: As we mentioned above, a fully soaked mattress that’s been underwater is one you may not be able to save.


Best Restoration Companies for Water Damage

Since its founding in 2007, Restoration Doctor has developed a reputation as one of the best and most respected disaster clean-up providers in the United States. Whether you are a homeowner, property manager, federal agency, or a facilities manager we can provide you with a superior full-service restoration experience. If you are dealing with water damage, content damage, or mold damage loss that is big or small, Restoration Doctor can handle it all.

Our belief is that a restoration company should provide its customers with superior quality and service while maintaining the industry’s highest standards. Because of this the Restoration Doctor team is skilled and trained in all of our fields of service for commercial, residential and multi-family properties.

Call Our Water Restoration Miami Company

We are the experts when it comes to preventing mold. Keep mold far away from your home by taking advantage of mold cleanup with restoration companies. If you want to ensure that water extraction from your home is done correctly, you can bet we will make it happen. Restoration Doctor, located in Davie, is the best choice when it comes to mold inspection and water damage restoration. Call or visit us today for more information. Trust us with mold remediation Miami residents.