Stucco entirely covered on the exterior of a home represents true beauty, There is no doubt about that. Many homeowners prefer this method to cloak their home because it has many benefits. It is also very long lasting. However, there is a time where they are still vulnerable to water damage. At Restoration Doctor, we are here to control water damage at home. Let out water damage restoration Miami FL team help you!


Stucco Water Damage Causes

Unfortunately, even the most beneficial exteriors have some false, especially when it comes to water damage. Here are some of the leading causes of stucco water damage:

  • Improper stucco composition
    • The durability of the stucco will come from a well-balanced mixture of Portland cement, sand, and water.
    • Each ingredient should conform to the standard specification set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology of the Department of Commerce. Apart from that, the mixture should be cured well to prevent it from cracking.
  • Faulty stucco installation
    • No matter how great the quality of the stucco is, if it’s not installed right, the outcome will still be mediocre.
    • A break in the three-coat stucco (scratch coat, brown coat, and the finish coat) application, for instance, will cause a big problem later on. Same is true for installing stucco directly on a wooden lath.
  • Unsuitable use of flashing
    • Flashing acts as a protective barrier between the water and the seams of the house. Aluminum is favored because it’s lightweight and inexpensive. But the possibility of corrosion overrides those benefits. Once it decays, water will easily ooze through the holes.
  • Cracks
    • Stress cracks in stucco are caused by a lot of factors including earthquakes, direct impact, expansion, or strong winds.


Let Us Get Rid of Your Water Damage at Home

Before you even think of fixing your water-damaged stucco, make sure you fix the cause of the water damage. Whether you have a burst pipe, a leaking air conditioner, or whatever else, fixing that should be your first priority. Even if the water damage appears to be a fluke, you don’t want to repair the same stucco twice.


Here are some additional steps you can take to prevent water damage to your stucco in the future:

Applying a drainage plane material to prevent water from entering the wall

Preventing the migration of vapor by applying a vapor barrier

Applying a patching compound to the areas of the wall where the loose stucco has fallen away

Modification of weep screeds to guarantee the proper drainage of water

Application or improvement of sealants


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Our belief is that a restoration company should provide its customers with superior quality and service while maintaining the industry’s highest standards. Because of this the Restoration Doctor team is skilled and trained in all of our fields of service for commercial, residential and multi-family properties.


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