The stench can quickly get unbearable. It can creep through your walls and completely consume your home. The second you open your eyes in the morning, you are greeted with the lovely smell of sewage. This mostly happens when backed up sewer lines taint your property. What can be done from this point on? How can you make the smell completely disappeared? The solution is simple. Fix the sewer line. Luckily, the professionals at Restoration Doctor know precisely what to do when it comes to water clean up. This is why they are known as one of the best restoration companies near me. You can trust them, Davie.


So What’s The Deal?

Backed up sewer line in basement problems are much more complicated to diagnose than one may think. First of all, the point of the back up frequently is not related to the point of the clog or pipe defect. Water under pressure, such as from a sewer back up, seeks the easiest and lowest point to escape. That is why waste water backing up from a basement sewer line frequently appears out of a floor drain, or the main house trap. That is even though neither is usually the point of the defect.


What about if it happens in your basement? Sewer water backing up in your basement can be from numerous causes, and it typically takes a professional to figure out the root cause. In addition, a novice searching for the cause of a basement sewer back up can frequently exasperate the situation. Tampering with any piece of plumbing without the proper knowledge usually leads to trouble, and drain lines are no different. Ask restoration companies near me how to get the job done right.


Here is a list of the top reasons why a sewer line in a basement can occur:

  • Washtub basin backups
  • Washing machine backups
  • Floor drain back up
  • House sewer trap clogs and seepage
  • Basement showers, tubs, sinks, and toilet clogs


How To Fix The Issues and Water Cleanup

There are several ways to cure a backed up sewer line in basement issues. The usual first step is a visual inspection by a sewer and drains professional. The next step is then to run an electronic sewer snake down the clogged drain line. In some cases, an HD sewer camera can pinpoint the cause and exact location of the problem. Only in rare instances is a sewer drain line repair needed. But in those cases, trust a licensed drain line repair professional.


In many cases, a high-pressure water jet can clear out stubborn clogs. A water jet is particularly successful in clearing out grease stoppages. Grease stoppages can accumulate and harden inside of pipes of a prolonged period.


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