Do you believe you might have mold might be growing on your fruits or other foods? At the Restoration Doctor, we want you to be safe, so we’ve created a guide on how to identify mold and what to do if you ingest it. Toxic mold is deadly, and it requires having the restoration company in Davie. We have a solution that other mold removal companies haven’t understood, and we’ve been serving that solution for over a decade. Not only do we offer excellent service for mold removal, but we also provide water damage restoration and the free information on our blog to help you become better educated about the condition of your home or business. Having a compromised home or business can be a pain. You could be missing out on money by becoming sick from mold or having water damage. If you don’t deal with the mold, then your sickness will only get worse, making you pay even more. Call the Restoration Doctor for a quick and lasting solution.


How Could I Ingest Mold?

We at the Restoration Doctor agree that ingesting mold is an unlikely event, or at least that it’s doubtful if you’re educated about what to be wary about. If you’ve bought bread or fruits from your local grocery store, then the chances of you seeing mold are high. Mold spore grows everywhere, and they’ve hard-linked themselves to bread, cheese, meat, and fruit. The issue begins when the fungus grows. These conditions for food mold growth include water, food, suitable air quality, and temperature. The best state for mold to grow in is a damp, dark room at a temperature between 55 and 70 degrees. For plenty of people, this spot could be your pantry or cupboards. Tiny Mold spores float all around in small quantities, and they aren’t harmful in moderation, but once they land on food, it usually ends up being the perfect environment for it to sprout. At the Restoration Doctor, one of the best mold removal companies, we believe that if you can’t recognize mold on your food, then you won’t identify it on your walls.


What Happens If You Ingest Toxic Mold?

Mold can be dangerous if eaten, and in most cases, this leads to sickness. Some people assume that cutting off the moldy part is a solution, but it is not. The most common illness from eating mold could lead to a stomach ache, but they could get as dangerous as an infection. On bread, look for white clumps, check the sell-by date, and smell it lightly. Fruits soften and have a white cobweb appearance on them.


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