A home fire is a devastating occurrence for any homeowner. Burnt odor lingers in the walls and furniture, and it’s important to remove such smell following a fire. Without the proper odor removal, the smell will linger constantly. Restoration companies near me should provide a helpful solution to removing smoke odor from any home. Restoration Doctor in Davie, Florida has the proper services and solutions for a smoke remover and helpful restoration of your home.


Natural Remedies

A natural remedy for smoke smell removal can be an important asset in repairing homes devastated by fires. The constant linger of smoke odor can easily be removed by a plethora of natural remedies that can be found in your home already. White vinegar is a common household item that naturally stabilizes odor. If set out, it will slowly absorb all of the smoke odor over a period of time.  Many of the pre-existing odor removal remedies require the use of baking soda, which is a natural odor absorber as well. Charcoal is a non-toxic cleanser that would be able to filter the air of any smoke odor as well if left out.


Long Lasting Smoke Remover

Restoration companies near me should provide a solution that creates long lasting smoke smell removal. An option for such a service would be to clean thoroughly through the HVAC units in your home. Fire smoke can linger in your home’s ventilation system. The smell buildup lingers through the air conditioner as well as it’s filters because of the soot from the smoke. As long as you properly clean through your air conditioner and replace your filters, the smell of smoke should diminish exponentially. Also thoroughly cleaning any surface that was directly affected by the smoke would also do the trick of removing any particles that have the smell caught on to them. Especially walls, and windows, where smoke could have escaped or caught on to.


Clothing and Furniture

Smoke smell lingers mostly on clothing and furniture. The smell can be so stuck on fabrics to the point that it can seem like it is beyond repair. In order to preserve precious clothing and furniture back to its original state, a thorough cleaning must be done. Any  removal cloth type surface should be dry cleaned. If you put baking soda on fabrics, it will remove the smoke odor much more easily. Removing curtains from windows and getting them cleaned, shampooing and washing any carpeting, and washing any pillows and blankets are just a few of the tasks that can help get the smoke smell out of your home. Every surface should be washed down with a vinegar solution, and cleaned over to remove any particles that have trapped the smell. For instance, tables, cabinets, chairs, and floors.


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Any hard to remove odors can be a pain to live with. Without the proper knowledge, or help with the process, it could be daunting to try to do all by yourself. Restoration companies near me could help with the smoke remover process. Restoration Doctor in Davie, Florida would do the job right. Call today for our services!