A pipe leak in your home can lead to many unwanted consequences, but what about a pipe leak underneath your home’s foundation? These are called slab leaks, and they can cause tremendous amounts of damage, erosion, and be very expensive to handle. There are ways to diagnose and handle them that we’d like to share with you today. At the Restoration Doctor, we have experience handling repairs and restoration after things like fire damage, hurricane damage, and water damage. We are one of the best water restoration Miami businesses located around the Davie area. You can trust us when it comes to handling a potential slab leak.


More About What A Slab Leak Does

Because they’re under your home, the effects are subtle at first, and you might not immediately notice a problem until the damage has gone out-of-hand. While a slab leak can have subtle tells from within your home, because the problem stems from under your home’s foundation, there are a few things that can raise some red flags if you notice them in your home. These are some indications that you should have your pipes checked out:


Things to Keep an Eye Out For Slab Leaks

  • Mold developing under your carpet and floor
    • If you notice some musty odors or dampness in your carpet, you might have mold growing under it, and one of the potential causes could be a slab leak.
  • Damp spots appearing on your floor
    • Any kind of dampness to your floor should be suspicious and is worth investigating.
  • Abnormal heat coming from your floor
    • Hot water leaking from a pipe under your foundation can warm the floor under you.
  • Unusually high water bills
    • If your bills are higher than the usage of water in your home, that indicates that water is being lost somewhere else and should be investigated.
  • Lower water pressure than usual
    • Any abnormal change in your water pressure should indicate that something has changed, and it’s probably a good idea to check out the cause.
  • Water sounds when no water is running
    • The sound of running water when there’s no one using the bathroom or kitchen can be far more ominous than it sounds and should be checked out immediately.
  • Soggy areas outside around your home’s foundation
    • If the areas around your home’s foundation are constantly damp and soggy, that means water is leaking out into the soil somewhere.


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Located in Davie, Restoration Doctor can help with water restoration Miami services. If you have noticed any of the above points in your home, you might have slab leaks. Don’t hesitate and wait for the damage and costs to grow exponentially, contact us to handle your leaks. We will help to identify the cause and resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.