Rusted pipes are a nuisance that many Florida homeowners have to face. Water contamination and depreciation to the pipe system in your home is something that shouldn’t go unfixed. With the proper knowledge, it is something that can be managed. If unaware of the proper steps to fixing such an issue, Restoration Doctor in Davie, Florida is happy to help.


Water Contamination

Water Restoration Miami can be a hard task because of all the water damage that happens due to storms, flooding, and gradual wear of pipes. Lead can be a possible contaminant for drinking water and one of its sources is from the leaching of old lead pipes. Although lead is the most dangerous contaminant to look out for, there are other contaminants to water such as Coliform Bacteria, total hardness, pH imbalances, iron , and much more. When it comes to corroded pipes however, iron contamination from rust is most likely the outcome. The water contamination is an issue that can be frightening when faced with the idea that your homes water is unsafe. With services like Restoration Doctor, those fears can be exponentially diminished.


Handling Rusted Pipes

Pipes rust over from many factors. Constant hot water exposure is just one of the few reasons why. Hotter water temperatures can cause the rust on pipes to be more prominent. pH level imbalance in water also has an effect on how damaging it can be to pipes, the lower the level the more corrosion it causes to a pipe. If water is too fast, or changes direction too swiftly, it can also cause corrosion to pipes. Water restoration Miami is still of pertinence when it comes to pipes that have worn away. One way to distinguish that you have corroded pipes, is when your tap water changes. A brown tint will occur in some instances due to rust particles breaking free. Pipe filters can also be clogged easily, because of the rust buildup.


Approaching a Fixable Outcome

Replacing any pipes could possibly be a positive in fixing any contamination issue. However, if that isn’t immediately feasible, removing rust from inside your pipe would be the next step. The pipes would need to be cleaned out or flushed in order to remove rust. In some cases also naval jelly, which dissolves rust, can be used. Cleaning up pipes from corrosion is a common task and if using the proper tools, can rectify any rust issue for your home piping system. It isn’t a simple job and would require knowledge from someone with plumbing background, but it is a closer solution to making sure your household’s water is protected.


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