If you own a restaurant, then you know that restaurant inspections are a normal part of your business. There are food, health, and safety inspections that need to be done periodically to make sure that your restaurant is up to code. These inspectors take their job very seriously, especially if they suspect there is a problem. That is why if you think there may be an issue in your restaurant particularly if you think you have a mold infestation problem you need to contact one of the top restoration companies to help you out! Restoration Doctor in Miami has the knowledge to help you figure out what is causing the problem and how to fix it quickly before it becomes a significant issue.


Understanding Restaurant Inspections

During a routine inspection, they will come in a check through usual things like testing the temperature of all your prep items, things store in walk-ins or other refrigerators. They will look around for dust, particularly in places where it shouldn’t be. They’ll look at the dates on all of your fire equipment and check the batteries on your smoke detectors. If small issues are found, they will typically just flag them and give you a small narrow window for you to address and fix them before they come back for another inspection. However, if they find a number of minor issues or one major issue, they have the ability to shut down your restaurant and can issue a fine as well. One of the things that will, without a doubt, cause this to happen is the presence of mold. 


This has become a major concern for inspectors and patrons over the last few years. The reason this is hard for foodservice places is that mold can be very difficult to remove, and it is concerned extremely dangerous around food. This can particularly be a hard situation in a high-volume restaurant where it is almost impossible to keep food quarantined. This is why you need to keep an eye out for signs of mold, and if you see any you should call one of the restoration companies in your area to have experts come in and treat the problem!


Mold breeds and grows in damp, moist, and dark areas, which unfortunately you can find a lot of in a restaurant. Microscopic spores can move easily through the air and pass from one spot to another, causing a mold outbreak. If they land on an undisturbed area that goes unchecked for a longer amount of time, the mold can grow quickly. Places like under the sink, behind the refrigerator, or above the ceiling tiles tend to be places for this to happen in restaurants. Since there isn’t much attention given to these areas, mold can continue to grow and thrive, causing a major problem before the owner even knows it’s there. If you notice any type of mold in your restaurant, it is imperative that you call in experts right away because disturbing a colony of mold by trying to remove it without the proper tools can actually end up making the problem worse rather than better! When this happens, the mold gets triggered, and it releases thousands of spores into the air, which will eventually find a home somewhere else in the restaurant and begin to grow. Also, a smell can begin to form, and that can be a cause for concern for employees and customers.  


Call One of The Top Restoration Companies Miami!

Restoration Doctor in Miami has years of experience as providing the top house mold repair services in the area. We pride ourselves on offering water damage cleaning to help stop the adverse effects of water damage and mold so you can pass your restaurant inspections. Call or visit us today to find out how we can help you and your business!