Bleach can kill almost all species of mold that occurs indoors. Bleach helps disseminate indoor mold and prevent future mold manifestation, but is bleach enough? In the smaller areas that we encounter like around showers, bathtubs, and other non-porous materials using bleach solution is effective but in larger infestations and mold in porous materials, bleach cannot act effectively in removing it. Bleach cannot penetrate inside the porous materials and therefore it becomes unable to come in contact with mold growing below the surface of materials like drywall and wood. Is your house the most recent victim of mold? If so, this is not a situation you should take lightly. Mold in the home is very serious and should be inspected by a Miami mold specialist. Make sure that you hire someone who is licensed and certified, like Restoration Doctor. We’re your experts when it comes to removing mold in the homes of Miami locals. 

Why Bleach Is Not Enough for Killing Molds

Go to any Miami mold specialist and they will tell you why bleach is not enough for killing mold. The most important reason being that it cannot kill deep mold that grows in the porous surface. The chlorine cannot penetrate the surface and only the water content enters. Chlorine bleach also rapidly loses its effectiveness and the chlorine begins to evaporate…if you have a bottle of bleach that’s been at your house for quite some time, it may not be effective in removing mold at all.  


How Effective is Bleach in Removing Mold ?

The harsh fumes produced by bleach are very dangerous therefore it is very much necessary to keep the room well ventilated before you initiate the process. You must also wear gloves while using bleach in order to protect your hands. For killing mold, take one cup of bleach per gallon of water. Then apply the solution on the non-porous surface infested with mold either by a spray bottle or through a sponge or cloth. You are not required to rinse the surface after that as the bleach will prohibit mold growth in the future. It seems very easy to clean molds using bleach, however, using bleach for mold removal does not always work. It may appear on the outside that the mold is gone, but deep down, the mold is still there.


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Indoor mold exposure can lead to many health problems including difficulty breathing, throat irritation, coughing, and potentially more health issues. Don’t take mold lightly. Contact us today so we can get rid of your indoor mold once and for all. 

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