Are you thinking of taking a vacation in the coming spring or summer? We all need a little TLC away from home, right? What if something bad happens while you’re away? We don’t like to think that it’s possible, but you never know when a fire, water damage, or even a theft could occur. Someone willing to commit theft and burglary is more likely to target your home if they know you’re gone, for example. At Restoration Doctor, we have experience helping families with property restoration and water damage restoration after a disaster, and we have some tips that can help keep your home safe. We are located in Davie, FL.


Protecting your Home

There are many factors to consider when leaving your home unattended for a long period of time. It may seem a little overwhelming to think about, but by making a habit of preventive solutions, you can feel more confident in the safety of your home.

  • Ask Friends, Family, and Neighbors for Help
    • A great way to ensure all factors of your home’s safety are met are to consider asking friends, family, and neighbors to check up on your home, or even house-sit for you. Having someone there regularly helps keep your home clean and managed, like with mowing the lawn or taking out the trash. Additionally, you have someone there to respond if something happens, and to make your home look lived in. You can even consider paying a neighborhood teen or young adult that’s trustworthy to stay in your home for the trip’s duration, especially if you have pets that will stay behind.
  • Unplug Electronics
    • If you don’t intend on having anyone stay in your home, unplugging all your electronics is very important. It’s a good idea to leave electronics unplugged when not in use anyway because they still use power while plugged in, but it also lowers the risk of a spontaneous electrical fire starting.
  • Prevent Water Damage
    • Depending on your home, you may want to try turning off the water as well as the electricity to avoid the risk of an event like a pipe bursting. Once the water is off, empty the pipes by opening your faucets and flushing your toilets. That said, you can skip this entirely if your home relies on a sprinkler system for fires.
  • Secure Your Valuables
    • If you have any important documents or other valuables, consider locking them somewhere secure, or leaving them with a family member or friend that you trust.
  • Discourage Burglary
    • Make sure all your windows and doors are secure when leaving for your vacation. If you stash any spare keys around, you can leave them inside until you return. It’s also a bad idea to share your holiday plans publicly, whether in person or through social media. You would be shocked at how many break-ins occur because someone discovered that a home would be vacant.


If Something Happens, Seek Property Restoration

Even when we’re precautious, there’s always the chance that something can still happen. If that occurs, the important step is to contact any appropriate authorities, such as the police, and get in touch with a restoration service. Whether you need fire, electrical, or water damage restoration, or even something else, a restoration service can help you combat whatever has afflicted your home.


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