Are you obsessed with barbecuing? Are you a person who uses a grill that is fueled by propane? If so, you must make sure that you are storing it safely. You must maintain proper propane tank storage. Here at Restoration Doctor, we are here to ensure that you are up to speed when it comes to how to stay safe when it comes to a propane tank, that way you won’t find yourself needing home repair. Your home must be safe! We take pride in being the best, Miami. You will never find yourself needing to search for the “best restoration companies near me.”


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Before putting your propane tank away in storage, you should have your propane tank checked. Propane is a highly flammable and combustible substance, so it is crucial to make sure there are no leaks or other issues present. You do not want your home to burst into flames. Just as you would store your tank, inspections of any kind should be done in a well ventilated, open area with no ignition source. If your propane is 10 years or older, bring it in for inspection. Even if there do not appear to be any issues present as it is no longer safe for usage or storage. Past 10 years your propane tank needs to be requalified. After this, your tank needs to be inspected and requalified by a professional every five years. You can trust our advice, as we are one of the top restoration companies near me.


Proper Propane Tank Storage

You should never bring your propane tank indoors for any reason. Storage, usage, refills, and inspections of your propane tank should all be done outside. It is only okay to store your propane tank inside if it is completely empty and purged of propane. Storing your propane tank inside can cause the temperature of your tank to increase and is extremely hazardous. Alongside this, you should store your propane tank in a dry, open, well-ventilated area. Do not store your tank in a garage, basement, shed or attic. Never leave your propane tank in your vehicle.


The best spot to store your propane tank is outside, on a flat surface, at least 10-feet away from other propane or grilling accessories and anything potentially flammable. If you have babies, toddlers or pets that could possibly access your tank outside, you should think about building a barricade around your propane tank with bricks or cinder blocks or storing on an outdoor shelf that has been mounted to a secure wall.


Always keep your propane tank in a secure, upright position. This should be done when you are storing, using or transporting your tank. The best way to ensure that your propane tank remains in this position is to keep it stable using a propane tank holder and stabilizer or a tankfoot.


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