Do you believe mold in your home may lower its value? The best person for the job to find out is your neighborhood Restoration Doctor. When you search, “mold removal companies,” we’re the ones that show up because we’re the most trusted restoration company in Davie. We have the solution for professional mold removal, and we’ve been serving that solution for over a decade. Not only do we offer excellent service for water damage and mold remediation, but we also provide free information on our blog to help you become better educated about the condition of your home or business. Mold truly can develop anywhere if the conditions are right for it.


What’s Dangerous About Mold Behind Your Wallpaper?

Biological sources releasing toxins in the air, causing air pollution, have been drawing the attention of the media. This is because people are beginning to understand the detrimental impact it can have on your health. It’s estimated forty percent of American buildings contain mold. The more disturbing fact is that it’s estimated that twenty-five percent of American homes contain mold as well. Though the percent may be low to some, this percentage is still alarming. Mycotoxins produced by molds can be especially problematic even more than heavy metals or pesticides. This is because the concentration of mold spores are much higher. Some molds, like Stachybotrys release a toxin called trichothecene. It inhibits protein synthesis which can cause problems for every organ in your body. Many people living and working in environments with mold have health problems that may seem mysterious. If you see the signs that mold may be lurking behind your wallpaper or somewhere else in your home, then call the Restoration Doctor.


Professional Mold Removal: Save Your Home’s Value

Mold can be solved by our experts at Restoration Doctor. When you think, “mold removal companies,” think about your Restoration Doctor. When you call us to solve that mold lurking about, we’ll first peel back and examine the situation. We have to determine how bad the problem is and how much it may have spread. Please don’t take it upon yourself to try and solve the problem. But if it isn’t done right, it could return. After we’ve determined the affected area that needs to be treated, we will prepare our cleaning solution. Our solution has been proven to kill mold over the last ten years. if you went with the cheapest service, then you’d get a cheap repair. This cheap repair may not also take care of the mold that could grow. The last mistake is cleaning up on your own without the help of restoration companies. If you plan on getting insurance help, then do not clean up without documentation. Our professionals are experts at filling the papers out. Let us save your home’s value by removing the mold.


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We have been serving Davie for ten years, and we pride ourselves on our professional mold removal. It is our mission to help you get rid of the mold plaguing your home. Call us for a free consultation. When you search, “mold removal companies,” you’ll see the Restoration doctor because we’re the restoration company that you can trust. We offer 24/7 mold and water damage service, so call anytime or visit our contact page for more details.