Dealing with mold is never easy. Once it hits your home, it is a pain to get rid of. Not to mention the harmful effect it can have on your body. Luckily you have Restoration Doctor on your side. We are here to ensure you ways for preventing mold in your home. Our team makes up one of the best restoration companies in Davie.

Your A/C & Mold

The simple answer is yes. The reason your air conditioner affects the amount of mold in your home is all about humidity. Humidity causes moisture, and moisture causes mold. Your air conditioner prevents mold by keeping the humidity level in your home low.

So how does it form? Mold is an integral part of our environment, but, you do not want it in your home. It reproduces through tiny seeds called spores that you can’t even see. These invisible spores float through the air and land on things that are moist, where mold begins to grow. Mold can start to form inside a home due to:

  • flooding
  • plumbing issues
  • leaking roofs
  • leaking windows
  • poor ventilation
  • faulty air conditioning systems

This is why you need to ensure that your air conditioner is properly working at all times. Your air conditioner controls the humidity in your home. There are two main rules to follow:

  • Keep your air conditioner set between 68 and 72 degrees.
  • Do not allow the humidity in your house to be over 50%.

If you follow these rules, it should prevent mold from growing in the house. Also, you should also set the air conditioner’s fan setting to “auto” instead of “on.” The “on” setting can cause moisture to be blown back into your home.

We Are One of the Best Restoration Companies

Since its founding in 2007, Restoration Doctor has developed a reputation as one of the best and most respected disaster clean-up providers in the United States. Whether you are a homeowner, property manager, federal agency, or a facilities manager we can provide you with a superior full-service restoration experience. If you are dealing with water damage, content damage, or mold damage loss that is big or small, Restoration Doctor can handle it all.

Our belief is that a restoration company should provide its customers with superior quality and service while maintaining the industry’s highest standards. Because of this the Restoration Doctor team is skilled and trained in all of our fields of service for commercial, residential and multi-family properties.

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We are the experts when it comes to preventing mold. Keep mold far away from your home by taking advantage of mold cleanup with restoration companies. If you want to ensure that water extraction from your home is done correctly, you can bet we will make it happen. Restoration Doctor, located in Davie, is the best choice when it comes to mold inspection and water damage restoration. Call or visit us today for more information. Trust us with mold remediation Miami residents.