There are hundreds of different types of fungi in the world. Some that are good for you and others that aren’t. Orange mold is one of the most disgusting types of fungi and mold you’ll find. However, if you’ve never heard about this type of mold before than you may not be familiar with the risks associated with it. That is why it may be time to call the experts in mold remediation Miami! The professionals at Restoration Doctor in Davie can help evaluate your home or business to figure out what type of threat you’re facing and how you can handle it!


What Exactly is Orange Mold and What are the Risks Associated with It?

When people think of toxic mold most of the time, they are thinking about black mold, but that’s not the only type that poses a health threat to you and your family. Orange mold is one of the most disgusting types of mold and is slimy rather than fuzzy, which is what you will see with other types. However, if you notice this type of mold in your home, you may be confused and worried because you don’t know that much about it. Keep reading to find out more of the details including what health risks come along with this type of mold and when it may be time to call for the mold remediation Miami locals trust!


Most of the time, when you find mold inside your home, it is growing in colonies, and this is no exception to that rule. Typically it will be found as a companion to either black or green mold. When it first begins to develop and grow, you’ll notice small tiny spots on the surface of your walls or ceilings. Once it has begun to grow the more slimy features will become apparent instead of the fuzzy surface associated with other types of mold. One thing that it has in common with other varieties of mold is that it grows in damp and humid spaces. The most popular places to find mold include bathrooms, showers, or in some cases, the kitchen. 


One positive aspect of having this type of mold is that although it is probably the most disgusting looking type, it isn’t exactly life-threatening. On the other hand, if it isn’t dealt with quickly, it does have the ability to do significant damage to your home and its structure. Also, it is critical to note that if you or someone in your family has a weakened immune system or respiratory health problems, this type of mold along with others can have a large impact on their overall health. Finally, it also has the ability to affect the drinking water in your home. If the mold develops in a faucet or in your water filter, the taste of your water could be altered. 


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