Mold can be a homeowner’s nightmare, decreasing the value of a property and causing many health hazards. It is essential to address mold as it can be harmful not only to your wallet and be expensive to get rid of, but also because it is extremely harmful to your health. To keep yourself and your family happy and healthy, it’s important to be informed about mold and what it can do to a house and to your lungs. Few things can cause the comfort and value of your property to plummet faster than a mold infestation. Just like with other types of hazards in the home, the key to properly addressing mold it to understand it. Here are five things you should know about mold before you go in to get it treated. If you are looking for a Miami mold specialist, call Restoration Doctor today!


What You Should Know About Mold


First of all, you should know that mold exists pretty much everywhere in the natural world. Because mold spores are microscopic, they are often difficult to detect as they are not visible to the naked human eye. The majority of mold is fairly harmless, so not knowing that you’re surrounded by these harmless spores doesn’t cause any issues. The major problem comes when black mold begins to sprout indoors in your vents and ceilings, jeopardizing your health. This is when homeowners should start being concerned. Next, you should know what there is no such thing as complete mold removal. That’s right- complete mold removal is a myth. When you hear a firm advertise mold removal rather than mold remediation, know that this is not a long-term solution because it is basically impossible to remove all mold spores. This is due to the fact that mold spores are present throughout most homes anyways. Miami mold specialist Restoration Doctor, who offers mold remediation and restoration services, note that the primary objective of informed homeowners should be to contain the negative effects of mold growth by contracting for mold cleanup, rather than aiming towards complete removal.


Mold Testing and Remediation


Mold remediation as is offered by specialists such as Restoration Doctor is a complicated process. Remediation requires several steps, and there can also be roadblocks along the way as they go. These steps that need to accomplished include locating moisture, reducing moisture, removing contaminated materials, cleaning personal belongings, and filtering air. The first place to start when dealing with mold is with an inspection. Professionals can take this issue off your hands so you don’t need to stress. Without professional training, identifying mold types can be virtually impossible, so if you see or smell mold, it’s important to schedule an inspection by a qualified technician in order to begin mold cleanup.


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Mold can be a hassle to deal with, and if not effectively treated then can ruin your property value as well as harm the health of the people who live in it. Call Miami mold specialist Restoration Doctor for mold testing and remediation today!