You have done your own inspection and checked to see if you have mold, however, you did not find anything. You are still not convinced. There is mold somewhere in the home, but where? How can you be sure? The professionals at Restoration Doctor are mold specialist who is here to tell you clues to look out for that can determine mold in your home. Just because you can see it, does not mean it is not there. We are one of the leading restoration companies in Miami and we are here to assist.


Look Out For These Clues

  • You can see mold
    • If you see blackish-greenish splotches or spots on walls or other surfaces, especially in places that have been wet or damp recently, it might be mold. Even experts can’t always tell for sure just by looking at it. They can, however, take samples for testing. Sampling can let you know if there is mold, and what type it is. No matter what type of mold, it can be dangerous. It’s a good idea to get it taken care of immediately.
    • Of course, mold doesn’t always grow where you can see it. It grows mainly where you don’t see it. There are thousands of types of mold, in all different colors. There’s a chance mold can blend into the place where it’s growing, depending on the color. You don’t have to see mold to have a mold problem.


  • There’s been water damage
    • Anytime there’s been water damage in your home, it’s reasonable to assume mold growth will be following. The water is absorbed in everything, leaving it wet or damp, and creating optimal conditions for mold growth.
    • Think about areas in your home that could be damp, wet, or humid: the attic, the basement, and anywhere there’s pipes or other sources of water. Sometimes there are signs in areas that aren’t supposed to be wet at all, like:
      • Yellow-brown water stains
      • Dimples or bubbles in the ceiling
      • Peeling paint
      • Spongy, soggy walls
      • Damage to wooden window frames, baseboards, and ceiling moldings
    • When water damage is fresh, mold can be prevented easily if water damage restoration begins promptly. If you discover the damage sometime after it happened, there’s a good chance that mold is already a part of the damage you will need to restore.
    • Another critical thing to keep an eye out for, especially in the winter, is condensation on the insides of the windows. If you have condensation, then your relative humidity is probably a bit too high. That can indicate a moisture problem in the home, so it needs to be addressed.


  • You can smell mold
    • Even if you have never smelled mold, once it hits your nose you can’t be mistaken. The smell is a musty and overpowering odor. The stench is more common in closed rooms or areas. Mold can be completely hidden behind the wall, behind the wallpaper, even in the air vents, and the only hint might be the odor.
    • If you smell something not right, pay attention. Even if you only notice it in one small area of your home.
    • That moldy smell is from the gases that mold lets off as it feeds, grows, and reproduces.


  • You’re sick, and you’re not getting better
    • Listen to your body. Even if you can’t see mold or smell mold, it can cause health issues. Keep on having respiratory problems and headaches? Get your home checked.
    • Mold exposure has been known to cause the following symptoms:
      • Sinus problems, like congestion and a post-nasal drip
      • Cough
      • Headache
      • Dizziness
      • Irritated, itchy eyes
      • Skin irritation, like a rash
    • Even though the symptoms listed above are pretty mild, mold can cause much more severe and crippling, long term health problems.


Trust Our Mold Specialist

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