Being young, the scariest thing you could think of that was hiding in your bedroom was a monster living under your bed. However, being an adult there are other monsters you worry about that may be hiding in your bedroom. We are talking about mold. This is a killer that can cause damage without you even noticing. This is why it is important to get a mold inspection. Trust Restoration Doctor to provide you with the best service. Our Miami mold specialist will get the job done!


Remove Mold From Your Home

As an adult, you probably do not believe in supernatural creatures lurking in the dark corners of your room, but without realizing it you may as well shelter a well-known villain threatening your health and your property: mold. Mold can be growing unnoticed in many homes, often hidden inside the walls, behind tiles, under suspended ceilings, and other hidden places. And while it is not likely to turn into a mystical beast that will devastate your place and your life, mold still poses great risks to your health and is really persistent and harmful in many ways. Black mold signs are often difficult to detect until it is too late and the fungus has already spread to a large area in your property and caused damage. It is important to know how to recognize the first signs of mold and to take adequate precautionary measures in order to prevent more substantial damage.


Get A Mold Inspection From A Professional

Mold removal specialists have a lot of experience and professional equipment to remove mold and mildew completely. They know what mistakes to avoid, what not to overlook, and how to solve your problems permanently. Professionals will:

  • Discover all the mold in your place – visible, hidden and dormant spores alike and will kill black mold in a speedy and efficient manner;
  • Have the proper equipment to remove mold from walls, wood, clothes, etc.;
  • Find and eliminate the source of mold – leaks or moist materials;
  • Prevent future mold growth by replacing the affected materials and applying special products that restrain mold development;
  • Repair any damage and clean thoroughly the contaminated space;
  • Mold remediation will be quick and efficient – the time lost for finding and eliminating mold and repairing the eventual damage can cost you dearly, especially if the problem occurred in a commercial building.

All the above reasons to have a professional remove mold from your home can be summed up into one final goal to guarantee that your home is mold-free and will remain so.


The professional mold removal services usually include:

  • Removing water-damaged and/or mold-infested materials;
  • Replacing drywall and studs if the damage was too severe;
  • Cleaning and disinfecting walls, carpets, furniture, and other personal items;
  • Filtering air and cleaning the premises thoroughly of any remaining debris and spores.

Mold removal companies follow a certain procedure to make sure that all toxic mold is eliminated from your home and it will never come back.


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