Mold is never fun to deal with. However, it is very avoidable. Why deal with it when you don’t have to? As long as you are familiar with how it grows, it is very easy to keep it out of your home. The experts at Restoration Doctor are the best when it comes to mold remediation Miami. We specialize in mold inspection. The people of Davie turn to us when they want to protect their home from this silent killer.


How Does it Grow?

Mold infestation and growth often occurs indoors following water damage. Mold, like any other life form, needs water to grow. Extract the water, remove the moisture and you have stopped the mold from growing, but you have not eliminated it yet.


So, how long does it take for mold to grow? Only a few centimeters/inches of water (or even just high humidity) can create a hazardous situation in your home as it just takes a few short days for mold to develop. Standing water in your basement or house can quickly create mold, leaving you with hefty cleanup bills and increased risk of illness. And once your home has been infested with mold, there is little that can be done other than professional mold remediation to take care of the infestation problem.


Mold development is an easy three-step process: Moisture, Food source, and warm temperatures.


Remember, mold needs the following to grow:

  • Air
  • Moisture
  • Nutrition
  • Temperature

It is always crucial to stop the mold growth in your property immediately when you notice it. Mold and mildew need to be isolated and segregated in order to stop the contamination as well as not to allow the mold spores to spread through the building. This will drastically decrease the chance of permanent damage to your property. The major problem with mold spores is they can consume your belongings such as furniture, clothes, etc. In fact, if mold is present, your office or home is not safe from mold contamination.


We Are Experts In Mold Inspection

Since its founding in 2007, Restoration Doctor has developed a reputation as one of the best and most respected disaster clean-up providers in the United States. Whether you are a homeowner, property manager, federal agency, or a facilities manager we can provide you with a superior full-service restoration experience. If you are dealing with water damage, content damage, or mold damage loss that is big or small, Restoration Doctor can handle it all.


Our belief is that a restoration company should provide its customers with superior quality and service while maintaining the industry’s highest standards. Because of this the Restoration Doctor team is skilled and trained in all of our fields of service for commercial, residential and multi-family properties.


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Keep mold far away from your home by becoming familiar with how it grows and thrives. If you want to ensure that water extraction from your home is done correctly, you can bet we will make it happen. Restoration Doctor, located in Davie, is the best choice when it comes to mold inspection and water damage restoration. Call or visit us today for more information.