Mold can do more damage to your home, then you think. It can cause structural damage, and that damage can get overwhelmingly expensive. As a homeowner, it is very important to familiarize yourself with the effect of mold. That is where Restoration Doctor is here to help. When it comes to mold damage, mold removal companies are the ones to trust. It is no wonder why many residents in Davie turn to us. 


What Exactly is Mold? 

When it comes down to it, there are actually hundreds of mold types that grow both inside and outside. It is also essential to factor that not all mold is harmful. However, when mold grows in damp or poorly lit areas, this usually is not a good sign. Mold is a type of fungus that latches on to materials such as wood, fabrics, cardboard, or paper and thrives in areas that have a lot of moisture and not a lot of sunlight. Mold will feed off of these organic materials and eat away at them if left untreated. If mold grows on other materials such as glass, metal, or concrete, it will have little effect on these surfaces.


Mold Damage Can Equal Structural Damage

Now that you have an idea of what mold actually is and how it grows, you can probably imagine how mold causes structural damage to homes. Mold can completely destroy things like furniture, carpets, shelving, and other movable materials. When found in areas that can be moved, it’s important to replace such items as soon as possible. Since mold can grow and spread, always check to make sure you’ve completely removed the root of the problem. Mold causes structural damage to homes when it’s not properly addressed after spotting it for the first time. It can also be found in heating and air conditioning systems. When mold grows in ventilation systems like these, it can be incredibly harmful to your health. Mold found in these areas can affect your air quality and create many respiratory issues. It’s important to remember to clean out air ducts and filters regularly. Mold can also seep into walls, ceilings, floorboards, or tiles and can completely destroy the foundations of a home.


Trust Us!

Restoration Doctor’s team of certified mold remediation professionals are your local experts for mold removal. We perform mold inspections and mold remediation (mold removal), ensuring that the source of the mold is addressed and the mold is safely and thoroughly removed.


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We are the experts when it comes to water mitigation and mold damage. Keep water for damaging your home further by taking advantage of water damage repair with restoration companies. If you want to ensure that water extraction from your home is done correctly, you can bet we will make it happen. Restoration Doctor, located in Davie, is the best choice when it comes to mold inspection and water damage restoration. Call or visit us today for more information on mold removal companies. Trust our Miami mold specialist.