Mold can be hazardous to have in your home, and it’s unfortunately one of the most common problems you can find. Here in the Miami area, rain and humidity are prominent throughout most of the year, and because of that, we at Restoration Doctor have seen our fair share of mold cleanup jobs. We are the Miami mold specialist people trust with their mold cases, and we want to debunk some myths about mold so that you can learn a bit more about mold and how it works.


9 Myths of Mold

  • Mold is only bad
    • Mold is a natural organism that has its place in nature, and has even helped us in many ways, most prominently medicine. Penicillium, for example, is a species of mold that was used to create Penicillin. Mold can be great, but not when it’s in our homes.
  • Mold won’t make me sick
    • Different people will react differently when exposed to mold scores, some not reacting at all. That said, there’s always the risk of contracting something, even if you haven’t contracted anything from mold before.
  • Mold can’t exist in my home
    • Mold spores are all over the place, even right now. The problem with mold development is when there’s a high concentration of mold around you that can start to cause problems.
  • Mold is always visible
    • Mold isn’t always developed enough to be seen right away. The best way to know for sure is by the musty, moldy smell.
  • You can tell what kind of Mold you have by its appearance
    • We typically look at mold as a very simple thing, such as all mold becomes black mold if left alone long enough, but that’s not necessarily the case. There are tens of thousands of mold species in the world.
  • Bleach kills mold
    • Many think that a simple bleach solution may remove their mold problem, but that doesn’t address the spores. This means you can still end up breathing in the mold and getting sick, and bleach solutions can actually make this worse. A better remedy is a detergent and water solution.
  • You don’t need to worry about small mold spots
    • Seeing small mold spots can possibly mean there’s much larger colonies where you can’t see. It’s important to do a thorough investigation, and if the mold is more hazardous, then contacting the professionals is what counts.
  • You can clean up mold infestations at home
    • Large scale infestations require a professional mold remediation team to remove. This is because they require specialized equipment and cleaning products to effectively remove.
  • Mold doesn’t come back once it’s gone
    • Just because the mold in our home is gone doesn’t mean the reason why it developed was removed. Like with weeds, the mold is only the surface problem, and you’ll need to treat the issue at the room to avoid mold redeveloping.


Why Hire Mold Cleanup Professionals

It’s worth mentioning again that for larger mold infestations, a professional team is a must. Mold is a tenacious beast, and it can pose a significant risk to anyone at home, especially those who are young, sick, or sensitive. This is a job that requires professional cleaning products and cleaning equipment to effectively remediate. Take it from our Miami mold specialist teams. We’ve seen many an infestation where the family tried multiple times to remediate themselves before finally contacting us. By that time, those families had already wasted money on solutions that never resolved the issues.


Need a Miami Mold Specialist? Contact Us

If you’re home has become infested with mold, don’t panic. Especially here in the Miami area, mold is incredibly common, and older homes are at greater risk. Sometimes, it simply out of our hands, which is why you should rely on the experts at Restoration Doctor for your mold cleanup solution. Don’t wait for it to get any worse. Contact us today to treat your mold infestation or to learn more about mold and mold remediation.