Living in Davie, Florida, during the summer months, we are quite prone to tropical storms and hurricanes. The past few years alone has shown us that hurricanes are extremely unpredictable and we are residents never know what to expect. The last three years have had a major storm that has hit Florida soil. Storms like Matthew, Irma, and Michael has caused a lot of water damage. At Restoration Doctor we want you to ensure that you are prepared for the next storm. Hurricane preparation is vital in times like these. Trust our experts on water damage cleaning.


Hurricane, Go Away!

On average about six hurricanes form over the Atlantic every year, moving inland and causing varying amounts of damage. 2017 was a particularly bad year with ten Atlantic hurricanes recorded, six of them causing major damage in their wake. Hurricanes form in both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans.  The 1st June to the 30th November is the Atlantic hurricane season. The Pacific hurricane season starts around two weeks earlier.


Hurricanes create many dangerous conditions including strong winds, torrential downfalls, rip currents and floods. While tropical storms are less severe, they too can cause damage, so securing your home ahead of the storm season could save your property from damage caused by flooding and strong winds. Our experts on water damage cleaning know exactly what to do.


Hurricane Preparation is Key

Hurricane seasons are a concern for everybody that happens to live in the path of the storm, especially if your home is close to the coast. Fortunately, hurricanes are forecast days or weeks ahead, so we have plenty of time to prepare for them. Preparing your home in advance for the coming storm could save yourself tens of thousands of dollars in damage.


Do you know what do in case of flooding? It is wise to anticipate heavy rain during these times. Here is a list of things we think should be done.

  • Move all valuables and important documents to upper floors in your home.
  • Test your sumps and drains to make sure that all are still in working order.
  • Check that your back up batteries still work.
  • You can try sandbagging doors to keep water out.
  • Make sure that all electronic equipment is unplugged on lower floors.
  • Unplug all electrical equipment if the electricity is kicked out as the electricity could surge on reconnecting.

The structure of the house, the roof, windows, and doors are all that stops the elements from damaging your possessions.

  • Make sure that your gutters are all clear of debris. You must allow free flow of water to prevent pooling and roof leaks that can cause water damage to your home.
  • Install backwater valves in the plumbing to prevent backups.
  • Make structural repairs to the house if required.
  • Check all flashing, soffits and roof tiles are firmly in place.
  • Use hurricane straps to tie down the roof of your home.
  • Install bolts on the top and bottom of all external doors.
  • Secure your garage door as these are vulnerable during a storm. If the garage door fails it will allow the wind into your home. Bolt braces to the garage door to prevent this.
  • Lower your outdoor antenna.
  • Locate the gas, water and electricity switches on your property so that you can switch them off if required.
  • Also, see the top 8 most flood-vulnerable areas in your home.


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