Dealing with house floods is probably one of the hardest situations to handle, especially when only part of your house is flooded, like the first floor. If you find yourself in this situation, you are going to need to consider water restoration Miami! Restoration Doctor in Miami is the leading provider of water repair services, and they want to make sure that all residents in the area know how to handle these situations because without the right knowledge and tools you will easily find yourself stressed out and overwhelmed!


House Floods: Water in the First Floor

If you decide to have a home makeover chances are you are prepared and excited for the work that lies ahead, but if you are forced into that work because of a flood that happened you probably aren’t going to be too excited. When your home becomes damaged because of intrusive water, it is time for water restoration Miami! The first thing you need to remember when dealing with this predicament is to not become too frustrated because you may feel like you are taking steps backward with your home, but you need to remember that doing this repair work is critical to making sure your house is a safe place for you and your family to be. Now, things may become even more frustrating when water damage is only on the first floor. However, this isn’t a rare thing to occur. In order to make sure that the proper work is done to rectify the problem, you’ll need to call in an expert and remember the way you react when you first discover water in your home is going to determine the amount of damage that is done so remember to follow the steps below!


  • Identify the source of the water: It could be possible that the first floor is flooded because of natural disasters or causes, but there are also other reasons a first floor may get water. For example, burst pipes, faulty washing machine hoses, leaking appliances, overflowing dishwasher, or drain blockage.
  • Stop the flow: After you identify where the water is coming from it is critical that you turn it off. It’s possible that doing this could end up shutting off the water supply to your whole home and if this is the case you still need to make sure it gets done.
  • Cut the power: If you can make it over to the fuse box without going through too much water, you want to cut off the power in the affected area of the home. This will reduce the possibility of you or someone else getting electrocuted.
  • Inspect for damage: No matter what caused the flooding you want to conduct and thorough inspection of your house to make sure there is no other damage you didn’t see right away. However, this step is particularly important if a natural disaster caused it because you’ll want to alert the proper authorities.
  • Take pictures and videos: Documenting the damage done to your house is extremely important. Your insurance provider is going to want to see proof of the damage, and they will want any notes you wrote down as well. Doing this can save you a lot of hassle when you’re trying to file your claim.
  • Call your insurance company: You want to call your insurance company immediately! Don’t want until you speak with the professionals you hired. Even if you don’t have a lot of information to give the insurance provider when you first call it is essential that you alert them of the damage.


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