Regarding the mitigation and restoration of property damage following various problems, there are many misconceptions that occur. While these situations may have been valid in the past when the technology wasn’t as advanced, today professional restoration companies such as Restoration Doctor are able to look far beyond these problems and apply the correct course of action in order to mitigate the damages. If a property owner isn’t able to act fast enough or take the right actions regarding these misconceptions, they can end up with even more damage to deal with- a situation which could have been avoided. Read on to learn more about the five most common myths regarding home restoration services and the truth behind them. If you’re looking for restoration companies in the Miami area, call Restoration Doctor today!


Myths About Restoration Companies


There are many common misconceptions about what restoration companies do, and here are some of the most common:

  • Replacing is less expensive than restoring- In the majority of cases, cleaning and salvaging the contents and structure typically is less expensive than replacing them. This can change with the circumstances. At times, replacement ends up being the only option. This can be the case if, following a fire, smoke soot hasn’t been cleaned properly from all surfaces, in which case the damaged contents need to be replaced. However, a professional restoration company should be able to successfully clean and get rid of contaminants, avoiding high replacement costs. 
  • If you clean your carpets, they’ll get dirty faster- This was a real situation  in the past when the techniques, equipment, and materials were less effective. Carpet shampooing that was inefficient would leave a soap residue that attracts dirt more quickly than prior to cleaning. Today, the carpet cleaning process both flushes and rinses the carpets and it doesn’t work like that anymore.


Misconceptions On Home Restoration Services 

  • Drying a Home Is Complete When The Carpets Are Dry- This misconception is far from the truth due to the fact that carpets are much faster-drying than structural materials in a house. This means that the drying process only finishes when all of the structural items, such as cement floors and walls, have dried completely. Professionals here at Restoration Doctor utilize advanced meters and sensors in order to measure moisture levels. It is extremely important to accomplish the end result- a totally dry structure. The danger that comes with ineffective drying is that it can turn a small loss from water damage into a multi-thousand dollar mold claim.
  • A fire-damaged home will always smell like smoke, so restoration doesn’t need to be on time- Unfortunately, odor used to remain in homes where restoration has taken place following a fire. Odor removal is more complicated than just turning on a machine and hoping for the best. Restoration for smoke odor needs to be extremely thorough, and all contaminated areas have to be cleaned, deodorized, and sealed where it is applicable.


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There are certain common misconceptions about restoration companies that people should be aware of. Call Restoration Doctor today for your Miami home restoration services!