Home mold can be dangerous for you and your home, but why is that? Restoration Doctor in Miami can answer this question as well as provide you with a solution for your mold problem. We are experts in the field of mold remediation Miami and we can help you solve the mold in your home before it becomes a real problem.


How Does Home Mold Begin?


Before you can understand how mold begins, it is important to understand what it is. Mold, first of all, is an organism. It can be found anywhere and it can grow on just about any surface. The way that it starts is with mold spores. Mold spores are a byproduct of mold and they can move through air currents. When mold spores find themselves in a moist environment, mold can grow. Because it is so easy for it to travel, this means that it can start in one room and travel through to other areas of the house through the air.


How Does Mold Grow?


For mold, it is critical to have moisture in the environment as well as a food source. A lot of the materials that you already have in your home are a great environment for mold. For instance, the carpeting in your home, the padding that is found beneath them, the drywall, the plywood, and many other places as well. Dust, as well as cellulose, serve as a food source for them and any type of additional moisture such as leaking pipes or roofing issues can serve as contribution to its growth.


Getting rid of the food source or the moisture that is feeding its growth is not going to be enough to stop the growth of the mold. All that does is make the mold become dormant. This means that it does not die necessarily but instead enters into a state of hibernation. When the conditions are good for its growth again, it reactivates and continues growing.


In addition to this, mold doesn’t even have to have an apparent source of moisture. In fact, just the humidity in your home can be enough for mold to survive. The moisture in the air lets water vapor serve as food for the mold. If the home does not have proper barriers to prevent moisture condensation and collection, mold can thrive in crawl spaces and basements.


Why Should I Care About Home Mold?


Mold growing in the home is an issue that cannot be put off. First of all, mold makes your home look unattractive. It makes it appear as though the home is not well kept and as if it is dirty. Beyond that, it is also very dangerous for the health if it is not addressed. Mold has been linked to respiratory problems as well as other issues that affect quality of life. In fact, if someone already has a compromised immune system and mold is introduced into their environment, this can worsen their symptoms. Even if the people in your home do not have any immune system issues, they can still be affected.


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