Have you had recent flooding in your home? Maybe it was due to the last showers of rain, or maybe it was due to the recent hurricane. Whatever it is that may have caused your home flooding, we can assure you that the best person for the job to find out is the Restoration Doctor. When you search, “water damage restoration Miami FL,” we’re the ones that show up because we’re the most devoted mold and flood damage restoration company in Miami. We fix these issues, and we’ve been doing it for over a decade. Not only do we offer distinguished services for water damage and mold remediation, but we also provide free information on our blog to help you become better educated about flooding in your home. Miami is prone to flooding because it’s at the tip of Florida. We’ve chosen Miami as our home because we want to be here for those who need us.


The Common Questions

Many questions come with flooding homes. You might ask if “there was a way that you could have minimized the damage?” Or you might wonder what your options for dealing with this issue are. You may be curious to search, “water damage restoration Miami FL,” for help. The Restoration Doctor has compiled the top four common questions about flooding in homes. Does home insurance cover your flood? No. It’s important to understand that there are critical differences between flood damage and water damage. Many people are shocked to find this out, especially when they think they’re covered. Water damage is damage that begins in the house while flood damage starts outside and comes in. If your home resides in a flood plain, and you’ve taken out a loan to pay for it, then the chances are that your loaner made you buy flood insurance. If you’re not in a flood zone, then you most likely don’t have flood insurance. If the flood is an imminent danger to your safety, then always call 911. If they’re not available, then The Red Cross is the best resource in the case of a natural disaster.


Other Home Flooding Questions

What should you do to protect yourself? A flood event has numerous hazards and dangers. Rising waters and quickly moving waters can cause drowning. Rapid rising waters can make it impossible to exit your home, so if you’re trapped, then seek the highest point in your home. If you have time, and you aren’t in immediate danger, then turn your power off. When you’re at the highest point in your home, call for help. The last question people have is how much damage restoration will cost. What we charge depends on the level of damage and the needed repair. That’s why we have a 24/7 team ready to provide estimates and services.


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We have been serving Miami for ten plus years, and we pride ourselves on home flooding restoration. Call us for a free consultation. When you think of searching, “water damage restoration Miami FL,” you’ll see the Restoration doctor because we’re the restoration company that you can trust. We offer 24/7 mold and water damage service, so call anytime or visit our contact page for more details.