If you’ve recently experienced water and flood damage, you know how hard it is to figure out what steps to take first. There are a million questions that can swirl around in your head about the right order of steps to take, should you clean up or should you call your insurance company first? Doing things in the wrong order can end up costing you your insurance claim being approved. In order to figure out how the house flood restoration process works it is smart to ask experts for their advice and guidance, especially if you’re trying to avoid the build-up of mold. If you’re in the Miami area Restoration Doctor is the leading Miami mold specialist, and they can answer any questions you may have.  

The Right Way to Handle Flood Damage

To make sure that you get everything you need from an insurance claim after suffering water damage it is imperative that you take the proper steps in the right order. However, most people succumb to the stress and try to fix everything before really thinking the process through. That is why it’s important to learn the right way to handle this damage before it actually happens to you.

What You Should Know

  • Should You Call Your Insurance Company First?: Calling your insurance company first is the wrong first move. Calling a Miami mold specialist and water restoration company is the best place to start. The company will send over a crew to assess the situation as well as stop and prevent as much damage as possible. Once this has happened, you can call your insurance provider to put in your claim and let them know what the restoration team has found. However, you shouldn’t wait for an adjuster to arrive to get the work done, make sure you are taking pictures to show the adjuster.


  • How Long Does The Restoration Process Take?: This process is a multi-phase project. The first thing that needs to be done is all the water needs to be removed from the floor as well as the wet carpet and any other affected materials. After this phase is complete, the crew will use specialized drying equipment to dry all areas. Depending on the size of the room and the amount of water that is flooded this step can take multiple days to complete. Once all the water is soaked up moisture meters will be used to make sure all areas of are thoroughly dry. Finally, it may be necessary to remove drywall, carpeting, or wood floors that have been damaged by the water. Odor control and mold removal may also need to be conducted to ensure proper removal of all water damage.


  • How Much Does The Cleanup Cost?: The total cost of water damage cleanup will depend on the size of the room affected as well as the amount of water that accumulated. If your insurance policy covers water damage, you will only have to pay the deductible. However, if the damage isn’t dealt with swiftly, it can quickly cause extensive damage including mold and structural damage, which probably wouldn’t be covered by your insurance.

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