Flooding is the most devastating natural disaster that claims more lives and causes more damage than anything else. After a flood, restoring your home may seem hopeless, but that isn’t always the case. It’s true that a lot will need to be replaced, but there are things that can be restored as well, and doing so can do you a lot of good, especially if it’s furniture that held sentimental value. At Restoration Doctor, we have experience with flood damage in Davie, FL and assisting residents with water damage restoration services. We’d like to take a moment and share our knowledge on drying furniture after a flood.


Drying Furniture After Flooding

First, it’s important to understand the difference between upholstered furniture and wooden furniture, which are the two kinds that will be damaged during a flood.

  • Upholstered furniture
    • Upholstered furniture can be difficult to salvage. If it becomes too waterlogged, the upholstery will absorb potentially bacteria-infested waters and will likely develop mold. There’s not much that can be done unless the flooding is from a relatively small amount of clear water. This is primarily flooding from a burst pipe. If this is the case, the furniture can be stripped down to the frame and repair the pieces separately.
  • Wood furniture
    • There’s more hope for saving wooden furniture over upholstered furniture, but it may warp if exposed to too much moisture. Step one is moving the wet furniture to a dry area. Drawers that have swelled from the water should be aired out by removing the back of the furniture until enough water is gone that they can be removed. It’s ideal for the drying process to occur inside, if possible, but it may need to be dried outdoors for homes without a second floor. It will undergo a cleaning and drying process to remove any dirt and mildew that has developed.


Why Trust a Restoration Service for Flood Damage?

When it comes to water damage and property damage, the common solution is to replace what’s been lost, but damage doesn’t always mean loss. There’s a good chance that the damage you’re looking at might be restorable, and by doing so, you can save money, especially if the damage isn’t covered by your insurance. Even if it is, the lower cost of restoration over replacement can keep your premiums low.


A contractor is trained in providing quality replacements. What they’re not trained in is identifying what can be effectively restored with the right equipment. A restoration company is trained in that regard, however, and we can also go through all the damage you’re faced with and tell you exactly what can be restored and what cannot, all for no additional cost. Because of this, there’s nothing to lose by relying on a restoration company to handle your water damage repair needs.


Do You Need Water Damage Restoration? Contact Us

Are you dealing with flood damage in the Miami area? If so, Restoration Doctor can help provide you with water damage restoration by identifying that which can be restored. For no additional cost, we can also provide an evaluation of what can be restored and what will require replacement. When looking for water damage repairs in Davie, FL, you can trust us to handle your home with care. Contact us today for more information on our services.