If you’ve suffered a fire, you may be eager to get your life and home back, which means you’re probably wondering how long does fire restoration service take? This is a fair question to have, and when you’re searching through restoration companies, it is a fair one to ask. However, after you pick a company to help restore your home, you may find yourself lost in the process and not able to understand the timeline. That is why Restoration Doctor in Miami wants to make sure that all of their clients understand what is involved in the process, so they always know what to expect.


What is Involved in Fire Restoration Service and How Long Will it Take?

Similarly to other processes in the home repair industry, the length of time that your restoration service takes mostly depends on the extent of the damage done to your home. This is probably the answer most restoration companies will give you, but it’s crucial for you to have a basic understanding of the procedure so you can play an active role in the process. 


There is no doubt that in order to properly restore your home you need to realize on a team of professionals to help improve the aesthetics of your home, remove and get rid of any soot or acidic elements, and finally neutralize and minimize any health risks that are present. Although the process may vary in time depending on some specifics of your situation, there are a few steps that will be present in the process regardless of how long it takes. Now, these steps could last only a few days or several months depending on the fire you experienced, but despite the length of time, all of these steps are involved. 

  • Assessment: The initial thing that needs to be done is the damage needs to be assessed and examined. During this first evaluate the professionals will be an idea about what needs to be repaired and restored, how much it will cost, and how long it will take to complete. 
  • Damage control: Unfortunately the chances are that there are some personal artifacts that will get destroyed in a fire, but during this step, a professional clean up crew will come in to help avoid any further damage and save any items that may have been in the damaged area but not affected by the fire. During this step, your restoration team will probably make suggestions about whether they think you need to have your vents or HVAC system cleaned out. 
  • Restoration and repairs: Once the damage is under control and your company is sure that there won’t be more damage done, they will begin the repairs and restoration. During this stage, the areas that experienced the fire will be sanitized, and all of the soot from the fire will be removed. 
  • Replacements: The final step in the process is replacing any items that were entirely destroyed. Some of the items that may need to be replaced include flooring, furniture, paintings, or electronics.


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