There are many common causes of household fires that are fairly obvious and easy to point out. Unfortunately, fire restoration company Restoration Doctor often sees many people knowingly keep flammable items in their homes and carry on with their day to day lives thinking that “it won’t happen to me.” However, a household fire is able to happen in pretty much any home under the right conditions and cause massive destruction. It only requires a little bit of foresight in order to protect your home from the most common items that are highly flammable. Read on to learn more about which flammable items need to be handled with care inside of your home. If you are looking online for “restoration companies near me” in Davie, Restoration Doctor is a top restoration company in the area. Call Restoration Doctor today to schedule a consultation!


Flammable Items In Your Home


Here are a few highly flammable items commonly found in homes that you may not be aware of:


  • Your Dryer- Most homeowners have heard about their drying being a major fire hazard due to the lint. If the lint is allowed to build up, it backs up into the exhaust and can overheat. This is a simple recipe for a house fire. Not only should you be diligent about cleaning out your dryer’s lint trap prior to running each load, there are some other steps that you can take to prevent dryer fire risk: don’t ever keep the exhaust vents covered or run your dryer overnight. All of the above can result in a fire starting when you’re asleep.
  • Your Stove- The majority of people know to keep their stovetops clear of flammable items. However, they often don’t these flammable items far enough away from the cooktop surface, and fires may end up happening. 
  • Antique Electronics- Many homeowners may hold onto their sentimental electronics that are still functional but are decades old. If your own any antique electronics such as an antique lamp, fan, or other electronic device,  you should know that it is very possible for it to have sustained damage to its internal wiring. This makes it a larger risk when it comes to electronic fires. The only way to avoid this risk and keep the item is to have it rewired professionally, or simply use it as a decoration and keep it unplugged with a clear warning label on the wire.


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  • Candles- Pretty much everyone has some sort of candles in their home, not many people see them as a fire risk. Restoration Doctor, one of the top “restoration companies near me” in Davie notes that candles are really a relatively common cause of house fires due to the fact that they are easily knocked over by pets or young children. Never try to burn a candle without a candle holder and keep the open flame far away from flammable items such as furniture and curtains, and keep them at a higher place in order to prevent them being knocked over.


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Restoration Doctor is a top fire restoration company in the Davie area. If you’re looking online for “restoration companies near me,” call Restoration Doctor today!