If you’ve suffered water damage in your house, there’s a chance you may have carpet mold, one of the most common and unfortunate effects of water. If you do have mold, it’s critical to call one of the top mold removal companies to help fix the problem. Restoration Doctor in Miami can help you figure out if you definitely have mold and give you a plan to correct the problem. Keep reading for helpful tips and information.


The Best Way To Deal With Carpet Mold

The most important thing to know when it comes to trying to identify whether or not you have mold under your carpet is to be aware of the signs that there is something growing. If you notice any of the below signs happening in your carpeted rooms, it’s time to call a mold removal company to come and inspect the carpet and potential damage.


It’s not always easy to figure out if there is mold growing under your carpets, but it’s essential to pay attention to those rooms, especially if your home has recently been flooded or had any type of water damage.

  • Smell: If you begin to notice any type of odor in the rooms with carpet, especially if there is a musty smell to the room that can be a huge red flag that you may have mold. The smell might not be apparent to you right around since you are in your house every day, but make sure to find out if any guests sense a musty smell.
  • Health problems: Just like any other type of mold the one that grows under carpets can cause a number of health issues including allergies, difficulty breathing, itchy eyes and skin, sneezing, coughing, and asthma-related problems.
  • Dampness: Mold will grow anywhere that remains wet for over twenty-four hours. That means if you notice an area of your carpet that is a little damp, there is probably mold beginning to form close by.
  • Visible growth: It doesn’t matter if you notice a black, white, or green spot on your carpet. This is a tell-tale sign that there is definitely mold growing and that it’s pretty far along.


If you start to become aware of any of these signs it may be a good idea to get a mold testing kit so you can test the airflow across the carpet. This at-home test is one of the most reliable when trying to figure out if there is mold under your carpets. If there is mold, then you may need to a team of mold specialties to come in and assess the situation. They may advise you to replace the padding underneath the carpet, or in some severe cases, you may need to replace the actual carpet itself.


Call One of The Top Mold Removal Companies

Restoration Doctor in Miami has years of experience as providing the top water damage cleaning services in the area. We pride ourselves on offering water damage cleaning to help stop the adverse effects of water damage and carpet mold. Call or visit us today to find out how we can help you and your home!