There are different types of water that leave your house every single day. The two categories can tell you a little more about the water and what might be inside it. Every time you use an appliance in your house you are either creating black water or greywater. One way to find out this information is to speak with an expert in the field. If you’re in the Miami area Restoration Doctor is the team you need for advice and help. With their extensive knowledge they provide the water damage restoration Miami, FL locals trust the most with their repairs.

What Does Black Water Mean?

Water is an essential part of everyday life. We need it to grow our food, quench our thirst, and even get clean. Most of the times when we are using water we are creating wastewater that is funneled out of our homes through pipes. When this happens, wastewater gets classified into two different categories, grey water, and black. These two types of water need to be kept in separate locations because they have different levels of contamination and need to be treated differently to make sure they aren’t harmful. The reason you want to make sure they are treated is that both of these waters can be recycled and used for gardening and cleaning. The water can be cleaned and recycled through a variety of methods including filtration, composting, and distillation.

Water that falls into the “black” category comes from bathrooms and toilets. This type of water is often referred to as sewage or brown water. The problem with this water is that it can contain bacteria that cause a number of diseases that can be extremely dangerous to people. Floodwater that is the result of overflowing bodies of water. This typically happens after heavy rainfall or hurricane. The overflowing water mixes with sewage water causing the floodwater to become contaminated. Most of the time when this water is getting treated heat is utilized to kill off any bacteria that is present in the water.

On the other hand, is wastewater that is drained from sinks, washers, and bathtubs/showers. Because of where this water comes from there is a lower level of bacteria present in the water, which means it is easier to treat than other types of water. Also, because of this, the water can be used in home gardens as long as there is no harmful chemicals present that would be harmful to the plants or soil.

Recycled and repurposed greywater is ideal for irrigation. The reason this water is excellent for watering lawns and gardens is that if the greywater came from the sink there could be food particles inside that can help nourish and feed the plants. If your area experiences drought greywater can be used to heat water for bathing and can help reduce energy use.

Still Having Issues?

If you still find yourself questioning the different types of water it is helpful to call and speak to the company that provides the water damage restoration Miami, FL locals trust the most. They will be able to help you understand the different types of water and how they may be helpful or harmful to you and your family.

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