Anytime you’re trying to buy a new property it can be stressful and overwhelming, but if you add house mold into the situation it can become even worse! That is why having a black mold test done before closing can be beneficial. You need to rely on the Miami mold specialist to help you navigate through this issue and learn the best way to handle and fix it. Restoration Doctor in Miami has been helping the area’s residents for years and wants to make sure that you know all of the information you need to get out of this challenging situation and buy your new home in the best condition!


How a Black Mold Test Could Help You When Buying a New Property

When you’re just renting a home, you tend not to pay as much attention to mold problems because it’s something that your landlord or property manager takes care of, but when you’re a homeowner things change because mold becomes your responsibility. However, knowing how big of a problem the mold is going to cause can sway your decision about whether or not to buy a certain property. Working with a Miami mold specialist and having tests done on your potential new home could help make your decision process a lot easier. 


It’s critical to note that mold is more common than people think. For as long as people have been building houses there have been problems with mold. The presence of mold has definitely become more of a problem over time because house building technology has become more advanced, resulting in homes being well protected and sealed. The most significant problem with mold is that it affects the ventilation in the home. In order for a home to keep a healthy airflow, it needs to be able to breathe, and mold prevents that from happening. When there is a lack of air-flow moisture begins to build and settle, which is an excellent way for mold to grow. 


When mold is apparent in a home, it’s easy to become nervous and unsettled because most of the stories you’ve heard about mold are horror stories, but it’s imperative to know that a little bit of mold will not hurt you unless you already have an existing respiratory problem. The only time mold inside of a home is unhealthy is when the spore count surpasses the natural levels of mold outside. That is why having a mold test done is crucial before buying a new home. 


If you find mold in a property you are looking to buy most of the time, it can be treated with a few simple steps from a team of experts. Although some people think that wetting it down and cleaning it with a wet cloth will do the trick, this can actually make the problem worse in some cases. When you simply wipe it away, you’ll likely see the reappearance in a few days, which is why so many become alarmed when this happens. They think that the reappearance means there’s a deeper issue, but this isn’t necessarily the case. It’s more likely that the issue isn’t being treated aggressively enough.


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